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About POA

Pipeliners of America is dedicated to safety and production, encouraging our families, and giving back to the people who deserve it most. Our goal is to show the world what it is we do out on the right of way, and also to help as many people as we possibly can while doing so.

The support from the Pipeline Community has given us an opportunity to make a difference in our industry as well as our communities. We help our home towns and our nation by supporting our troops and veterans, and by giving to various charities such as Feed the Children, The America Cancer Society, and other local charitable organizations.

To help fund our goals, we have a product line that includes stickers, t-shirts, koozies, and welding caps. New items are added regularly, so be sure to check out our Store.

Join us as we work together to make our world a better place and have a good time while we are doing it!

*Coming soon:

We are pleased to announce a new phase of development for pipelinersofamerica.net! We will be launching a limited beta test for new services to be added to the POA site soon, with new webmaster Ezra Hill!